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Umh Hi

Hello -
Total Utter SCA Newbie here (well sort of) . . .
Located in Northshield, I have yet to attend my first event but
I will be going to 12th night.
I have done some work with the Clan Genji household but again never attended an actual event yet.
I used to work at the MN ren fest on the Royal Court as a countess for 5 years and before that I sang in an irish group out there.
( I have gotten for lack of a better term *boo-hissed* at for mentioning that but hey that is where the garb collection got started -_^)
Was sick of being *on* for patrons coupled w/the owner being *ahem* not so nice and quit 2 years ago . . . so here i am.
I hope to start making it to these moots I hear are held on wed.?
i'm working on a persona . . . having a hard time making up my mind.
Then the garb making will begin.
Right now I have quite a bit of garb - my next acquisition is going to be a pendragon leather bodice.
If I had to mention one piece that was my favorite out of what i own it would have to be a full blown replica of a Mary Tudor dress my friend made for me and i adorned. I can post a pic of it later when i am at home if anyone is interested in taking a gander at it.
Ok i am going to type shut up now & hope I don't sound like a total moron but hey what are you gonna do ^_^
Stickin my neck out . . .eek!
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