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Had to join

I've been in the society less than a year and already I feel myself wanting to amass more garb than I know what to do with.

Here are some pictures of random garb:

Mostly garb before I actually goind the SCA

This gown is the first 'period' gown I made, you can see me (sort of) wearing it here along with a french hood I made (I was accepting a Sable Shield in that pic)

This was my 12th Night gown this year. Yes, I know its a movie recreation but the actual gown was based off an actual period portrait (which I don't have a pic online so I cannot link). ;) Tons of beading on that one.

Currently I have 3 cotehardies in the making as well as plans for a high spanish gown.

Anyways! Nice to meet you all!
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