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I am a very green newbie in the SCA. I've been to an event, but only as an ersatz merchant, filling in for a friend who merchants at SCA events. I've been making garb for about 12 years as part of a... *runs and hides behind something before she explains* Larp-er in a fantasy medieval larp.

My First Official SCA Event as a person with a persona and a desire to interact in the current middle ages will be Pennsic, as I'm part of Æthelmearc, and it's only about an hour from my house.

I've chosen to play a 14th century french persona so I can get away with simple kirtles and sideless surcoats for at least a while until I decide to get into garb that's a little more dicey.

I do love to sew, and dream of a Pfaff Tiptronic, but still lovingly caress my current machine as we slog through bad directions and expensive fabric. I love wearing velvet, but hate sewing it, and would give up a cup size to not have to ever sew it again... ;)

At any rate, I'm still trying to develop my persona, but may have found an acceptable name... we'll have to see what the heralds say. I look forward to 'talking shop' with all of you! :)

(or maybe Julienne la cavatier if it's acceptable)
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