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Hey there

So I clicked on a person in dot_cattiness whose journal led me to dot_sex_snark whcih led me to corsetry which led me back to the conversation in dot_sex_snark which included your like to this community so I joined.

Hi. :)

In Society I am Elsa Saxenkammer, current Bard of the Mists in the Kingdom of the West and seneschal of the Province of the Mists (cradle of kingdoms and all that). I am graduating from my viking phase into a later period and my fabulous friend Moira has adopted me as one of her "Garbie Dolls" and has started putting me in coteherdies and italians. I like coteherdies and italians. :) Also, having lost 60 pounds, I like having clothes that show it off. I do not sew myself (sewing machines spontaneously break when I get to close) but love love love new garb.
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